Prophecy of the Sisters

The Prophecy has been revealed

What if one of the sisters died before they knew about the Prophecy?

I'm not really sure how I thought this question, but I'm wondering what about the prophecy would be different. for example, let's say Alice contracts a fatal illness and dies before they even know about the prophecy. what would be different in that scenario?  

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Hi Carrie =)

it's funny, cause my friend and me thought about the same thing recently..

and we came to the conclusion that if Alice died, Lia would still have been like informed and and "trained" and prepared. Sie would probably still go on the journey and meet Dimitri and all the others, because she wants to find out more about the prophecy and kind of try to either fulfil it herself or at least find the missing pages or something. And then she would have born twins and they would obviously be the next generation and so they would have executed everything that Lia and Alice would have done..

I don't know if that makes any sense, but we thought that might be what would have happened.. =)

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