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The Prophecy has been revealed

I recently stumbled upon the book, 'Prophecy of the Sisters', at Sam's. I look for books anywhere I can... LOL. I met a book reviewer, Michelle Flores, who recommended the book to me and I devoured it in a day. From front to back. I LOVED IT. I just finished ordering the sequel and I CANNOT wait to get it in the mail. I'm getting antsy, haha. All I can say is, Michelle Zink, you've got yourself another Prophecy fan!! I LOVED the way you worded everything so exquisitely. I was enraptured by your writing and I cannot wait to read on. :)

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Yamel!!! You made my day with this comment! I'm so glad you enjoyed Prophecy and can't wait to hear what you think of Guardian!

When I first found "Prophecy of The Sisters', in a book fair, I was like that too.

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