Prophecy of the Sisters

The Prophecy has been revealed

I was thinking maybe, for Lia and Alice, Either a


Selena Gomez


Or-Or, Vanessa Hudgens


And for James, Maybe, Jensen Ackles, like Michelle suggested but also...


Channing Tatum.


Or, Chad Michael Murray


OR This Guy, Idk his name, dose anyone know??


Or, Last but not least. My man! Taylor Luatner.



I think Lucy Hale would make a better Sonia. I always pictured Sonia to have dark brown Wavey hair, and slender like. Fragial.


And Ana Sophia Robb, would make a good Luisa. She has that fun, loving, proceline face.


The other actos, Michelle recommended would make perfect roles, but these are my take. What do you guys think??

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Chris Pine. Man oh man, are you HOWT!!

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