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Greets from Germany!

Hey michelle, my name is Alice.... I really like your selection of the actors and actresses ... But there are some difference to my conception, I had in my mind....I've always pictured Alice/Lea with soft features.... And the one you would like to cast for Lea/Alice has something very strict in her face.... I guess, she would matches to Alice but certainly not to Lea.... I know they're twins but I would take someone who looks more virginal and untouched in your place....I don't know how to describe but according to me these ones are really changeable. My personal recommendation is Emily Browning (Lemony Snicket)


Your Luisa it's actually great ...BUT.... She'll really have to die her hair to pitch-black to look more like a Italian girl( by the way Selena Gomez or Chloe Bridges, what do you think about them as Luisa?)



....Ann Sophia as Sonia ....Hmmm she looks very childish and I thought Sonia would have a clearcut face( Emma Watson?)...


The supernatural hero Jensen Ackles as James is also very well chosen by you... But I find it better, when he has longer hair than on the picture...

Isn't the aunt younger than the actress you would like for Virginia?

And Edmund seemed very active in the books, doesn't he? I don't want to say Mr. Freeman is too old for the role....but he is!Maybe the visagist will conceal a quarter of his wrinkles at least...

The rest can stay....


Seriously, I don't think for example Jensen is going to take part in the movie...We have to keep realistic …. Maybe it's better to pick some unknown actors and actresses for the characters...We will see...

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Hey =)

I quite like some of your ideas... For example I think that Mr. Freeman looks too old. When i read the books i knew that he was supposed to be old, but i didnt imagine him quite that old (..sorry mr. freeman...) But i dont really like the idea of selena gomez.. I like her, but i think she's kind of too childish.. i think everybody thinks of disney when they hear selena gomez and i wouldnt like The Prophecy Of The Sisters being associated with disney... and although i love emma wason , she's  brilliant, i wouldnt take her either, because everyone will compare her to hermione in harry potter.

That's why i LOVE your idea of taking "new" actors. Because noone compares them in this Movie  to their other movies, because i feel like the Prophecy-Books are too special to waste them by comparing them to other kind of fantasy sories. Do you know what i mean?? I would want them to start a whole new "era", if that makes sense..

I really hope that there will be a movie soon =)

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