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Which twin are you?!

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i torture my sisters a lot and i wonder if he has a laugh it would b cool

Ramsha Saad said:

Well i get what you mean about that alice part i mean i torture my 7 year old sister but i love lia though i still wonder does alice have an evil lauugh even though its off topic


i have no idea.....sometimes i feel like alice but most of the time like lia sometimes the darling of the family and sometimes not



LOL michelle :) same with me :) I love Alice's personality - very evil as you said - Lia is nice & maybe just a bit too nice for my liking lol 

Michelle Zink said:
I'm definitely Lia - I always do the right thing but I can't say that it's always easy for me.

But if I had the chance to try on Alice's persona in a purely fictional setting, I SO would! It sounds like more fun to be eviiiiiiiil!

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