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The Prophecy has been revealed

I Honestly Want to See This Book In Theaters! A.S.A.P

characters should not be from the disney or nick related charcaters...

some actual,characters but not like brad pitt or angelina types as well

probably like poeple noy relativily known in such lime light...


but tell me if im wrong but there is a continuing series after the first book right because if there isnt the auother needs to get writting!


im a huge book fan so catching this on the shelf and reading it was a great surprize just beacause i never expected it to be so great!!

so detailed of it all.

But im pro lia!

im sorry for all those alice fans but if i was lia i would not even bother saying goodbye especially after all that happened. I wont say for those whp havent finished the book.

But that one part broke my heart

and if you  finished the book then you know what what part i mean hopefully!!



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I would love to see a Prophecy movie, too, and will definitely keep you guys posted of any developments in that area.

There are three books total in the Prophecy series, and book two, Guardian of the Gate, will be out this summer. Can't wait to hear what you think, Sweets!


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