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Hi, guys! I'm going to be doing a big feature on my website to encourage people to suggest actors and actresses for the characters in a future Prophecy movie.

And no, nothing's official! While I do have a film agent handling film inquiries, I can't comment beyond that.

I just thought it would be fun! And who else would I go to to help me put the candidates together than my favorite Prophecy gurus?!

So I'll give you some of my top picks, and you guys do the same. Then I'll post it all on my website at next week and we'll let everyone else weigh, too.

One of my favorite picks for Lia/Alice would be Dakota Fanning.

Dakota DOES have gorgeous blond hair while Alice and Lia are brunettes, but hair color is an easy thing to change for a movie, and Dakota has incredible range as an actress. The role of Lia and Alice would require real psychological depth, and Dakota has proven that she's a serious actress in movies like Hounddog, Man on Fire, the Secret Life of Bees and tons of other projects.

Lucy Hale would make a great Luisa. She plays an increasingly important role in Guardian of the Gate, and Lucy really embodies the exotic sensuality that I had in mind when I created Luisa Torrelli.


It took me awhile to find someone I felt would be right for Sonia, but I'm thinking someone like Ana Sophia Robb. She has the angelic innocence I picture when I think of Sonia. What do you guys think?


And now... for the moment you've all been waiting for! Jensen Ackles is EXACTLY how I picture James in my mind. He might be a tad old for the role, but let us just admire his perfect James-ness...



Okay, moving on...

Who better than one of my all-time favorite actresses, Meryl Streep, to play the kind, strong, secretive Aunt Virginia? Hey, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to aim high!

Edmund, while a secondary character, plays a very important role in Lia's life. I've always imagined him as Morgan Freeman. Yes/No?

And last, but certainly not least, Henry;

I'm cutting it close on the age with Kodi, but what an incredible young actor! If you haven't seen him in The Road, you SHOULD.

These are my thoughts on the actors and actresses who would be great for a Prophecy movie, but there are so many talented people out there, I'm sure you guys can think of a few! Add them here!


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Not Dakota Fanning. She is not how I pictured Lia or Alice.
Let me think..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....
Alice-Dena Kaplan
Lia-dont laugh at this...Selena Gomez
Sonia-Ana Sophia Robb
Luisa-Lucy Hale
James-Someone who DOESN'T do the hair flick thing
Aunt Virginia-Meryl Streep
Henry-That Kodi kiddo
Edmund-Morgan Freeman
The girl who keeps on giving Lia the medallion-Me! I am 9 years old!
Is Guardian of the Gate put in the movie?
Astrid-Alicia Banit
I can't really picture Dakota Fanning playing the part of Lia/Alice.
SO NO! TO DAKOTA FANNING!!!! (No offense, because she is a great actress and I actually am a huge fan of hers, but she is just not what I envisioned either of them to be like!)

Hey, I actually like the girls on the cover of the book! But they are not actresses I assume!? haha

The other choices are not bad, but why not bring new faces into the business!?
I mean why not cast actors, that we have never really seen on the big screen before!?
They can still be great and maybe even capture the story better! (otherwise we tend to compare them to other movies they have been in?!)
Look at the Twilight Saga for example...some of the actors hadn't done anything big before that! Just a thought?!
Okay, I am really confused on this! Is this the actual author of the book who posted this? If she is, this was over a year ago.. So is the movie happening or not? It would be a really great movie! Movies like this are ALWAYS a hit, like the twilight series? This could be the "next big thing"! So please Michelle, make this movie happen! Make this dream alive! A LOT of people would go see it, and you already have wonderful actors/actresses chosen, so gather everyone up and cast this!

I just really need to know, if this is the actual post from Michelle Zink, I really need to know if this movie is happening. I mean the post is over a year old, let's get things moving please

And I agree with the other comment, let's bring new people onto the big screen! I mean, it would be great~!
What is the third book called and when is it coming out?

What about the movie?
and when you do make the movie can i be in it too? maybe like an extra or part of Alice's group of friends at school because this series is my ABSOLUTE favorite so it'd be a dream come true to be in the movie!!!! =D
I really agree with you when it comes to the actresses,as:

Luisa - Lucy Hale (because she have this energy and amazing beauty that i always picture luisa in the book..)
Sonia- A.S.Robb (because i picture sonia to be angelic but strong at the same time. Plus, she's a great actress)
Aunt Virginia - Meryl Steep (I kinda picture her a little bit younger, but she will do.)
James - Jensen Ackles (I picture him exactly like this. Same as you Ms. Michelle Zink)
Henry - Kodi
Dimitri - Gaspard Ulliel (I pictured Gaspard playing Dimitri's role but a little darker)

For edmund, i kinda picture him as a white man.
For Lia/Alice, i would suggest that the girls on the cover would really fit these roles. They're fresh and they kinda have the same qualities that Alice and Lia possess, in the outside.
WELL think of Selena Gomez as a Luisa pretty gorgeous and funny plays a fictional character so why not
I think ian is a good choice for james or and i think justin gaston is a great pick too.
I love all the Ideas except for Lia/Alice.
and i know many people have commented for Ian Somerhalder but, i see him alot as Demitri! I think he would be perfect!

also i really would love to play Lia/Alice! i have very similar features, and i am a very big fan of the books, along with Mrs. Zink's work. I am majoring in acting and have some experience. I feel i could do a great job, tell me what you guys think!!
Rachel <3
kinda small

This one is from Halloween so take that to mind lol

i'd be willing to do whatever to make changes for the movie also

henery is a good match

I found everyone was good, except maybe Sonia and Lia/Alice.  I found a better choice for Sonia: Evanna Lynch, and a better choice for Lia/Alice: maybe Daveigh Chase.

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