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Hi, guys! I'm going to be doing a big feature on my website to encourage people to suggest actors and actresses for the characters in a future Prophecy movie.

And no, nothing's official! While I do have a film agent handling film inquiries, I can't comment beyond that.

I just thought it would be fun! And who else would I go to to help me put the candidates together than my favorite Prophecy gurus?!

So I'll give you some of my top picks, and you guys do the same. Then I'll post it all on my website at next week and we'll let everyone else weigh, too.

One of my favorite picks for Lia/Alice would be Dakota Fanning.

Dakota DOES have gorgeous blond hair while Alice and Lia are brunettes, but hair color is an easy thing to change for a movie, and Dakota has incredible range as an actress. The role of Lia and Alice would require real psychological depth, and Dakota has proven that she's a serious actress in movies like Hounddog, Man on Fire, the Secret Life of Bees and tons of other projects.

Lucy Hale would make a great Luisa. She plays an increasingly important role in Guardian of the Gate, and Lucy really embodies the exotic sensuality that I had in mind when I created Luisa Torrelli.


It took me awhile to find someone I felt would be right for Sonia, but I'm thinking someone like Ana Sophia Robb. She has the angelic innocence I picture when I think of Sonia. What do you guys think?


And now... for the moment you've all been waiting for! Jensen Ackles is EXACTLY how I picture James in my mind. He might be a tad old for the role, but let us just admire his perfect James-ness...



Okay, moving on...

Who better than one of my all-time favorite actresses, Meryl Streep, to play the kind, strong, secretive Aunt Virginia? Hey, if I'm going to do this, I'm going to aim high!

Edmund, while a secondary character, plays a very important role in Lia's life. I've always imagined him as Morgan Freeman. Yes/No?

And last, but certainly not least, Henry;

I'm cutting it close on the age with Kodi, but what an incredible young actor! If you haven't seen him in The Road, you SHOULD.

These are my thoughts on the actors and actresses who would be great for a Prophecy movie, but there are so many talented people out there, I'm sure you guys can think of a few! Add them here!


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Who is going to play lucia and sofia?

Sorry if thats not the right way to spell the names right, but i don't have the book with me.

No, I meant maybe it will be a movie

Cassandra Jane Hollatz said:

Who is going to play lucia and sofia?

Sorry if thats not the right way to spell the names right, but i don't have the book with me.

Wait have any of you watched the music video round and round by sel gomez cause if you have she weres this red lipstick and her skin is so pretty but pale and i picture luisa to look like that
i think you should swich ana and lucy around and i think you should do the olsen twins yeah they dont look like alice and lia but makeup is magic!!! but otherwise its just how i pictured them! :)
Hmm... I do really love Dakota as an actress, but I'm not so sure if she can be as fierce as Alice is portrayed. She seems more of a good girl, like Lia, but then again, she is a very talented actress, so I'm going to think about it... Having Lucy Hale as Luisa is a good idea but I'm also leaning towards Troain Bellisario as well. Ana Sophia Robb as Sonia was an excellent decision, and a definate yes to having the legendary Meryl Streep in the movie. Morgan Freeman does suit Edmund very well, but I'm not sure about Kodi. I do think he fits Henry's character but it really just all depends on who you cast as the twins. He has to have that sibling-like relationship with the two girls, especially with Lia. Then there's  Jensen Ackles. He is much like how I would imagine James, but again it depends on who plays the twins. I want to feel the instant chemistry between Lia and James as I did in the book. You chose great candidates for the cast, and I really do hope they make the movie!!! :D

i think the best actress that would fit the role of Lia and Alice is Bridget Regan.


Who is that? 

i think adi ortner shud play Luisa...she's not famous but she has an acting career ahead of her..p.s. she my theatre teacher, u shud c her website  shes been in some shows :)

o nd how about lea michelle 4 like sonia or sumthin....nd lia/alice could be ali lohan, nd maybe henry cud b jimmy bennet....
kendell jenner, raqueal castro, sasha pieterse, taylor momsen, vanessa marano, emma pillsbury, diana agron, jessalyn gilsig.....u could chose who they can b :)

That's soo embarassing! I've already opened a new discussion accidentally....Who cares...

Greets from Germany!

Hey michelle, my name is Alice.... I really like your selection of the actors and actresses ... But there are some difference to my conception, I had in my mind....I've always pictured Alice/Lea with soft features.... And the one you would like to cast for Lea/Alice has something very strict in her face.... I guess, she would matches to Alice but certainly not to Lea.... I know they're twins but I would take someone who looks more virginal and untouched in your place....I don't know how to describe but according to me these ones are really changeable. My personal recommendation is Emily Browning (Lemony Snicket)


Your Luisa it's actually great ...BUT.... She'll really have to die her hair to pitch-black to look more like a Italian girl( by the way Selena Gomez or Chloe Bridges, what do you think about them as Luisa?)



....Ann Sophia as Sonia ....Hmmm she looks very childish and I thought Sonia would have a clearcut face( Emma Watson?)...


The supernatural hero Jensen Ackles as James is also very well chosen by you... But I find it better, when he has longer hair than on the picture...

Isn't the aunt younger than the actress you would like for Virginia?

And Edmund seemed very active in the books, doesn't he? I don't want to say Mr. Freeman is too old for the role....but he is!Maybe the visagist will conceal a quarter of his wrinkles at least...

The rest can stay....


Seriously, I don't think for example Jensen is going to take part in the movie...We have to keep realistic …. Maybe it's better to pick some unknown actors and actresses for the characters...We will see...

Who will play Dimitri?


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