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Do you believe in fate? Do people always have choices or are aspects of their lives pre-destined?

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I just want to say that this is SUCH an interesting question. I didn't add it to the forum, so I can't take credit, but I'm really looking forward to reading everyone's thoughts.

It's 12:25am here right now, so I probably shouldn't answer yet. It might not be coherent.

Will think about it and come back tomorrowwwwwww...

I do believe in fate, but I also believe the choices we make affect our fate.
I do believe in fate. As much as I want to say I believe everyone is a maker of their own destiny, there are so many fortuitous meetings and events I've read, heard about or been a part of that it seems impossible for it not to be part of a larger overall scheme.

And if I hadn't been convinced already I would be after watching the Doctor Who episode 'Turn Left'. A small thing like turning right instead of left unraveled the world and the destiny of humanity.
I believe that everything happens for a reason and the choices we make along the way have an impact on the end result and everyone connected to it. I believe that people are in your life for a reason, some for very short periods of time and others for a lifetime. Each bring with them something that is needed for our personal growth and in some ways effect our future.
I believe that many things in life guide your destiny, but your reactions choose your fate.
I most definitely believe in fate, but I believe that everything is connected, and our choices or random things throughout our lives can chage that fate, even in the slightest mannor. Yet no matter what, we all die, right? *end morbidity* Love the site, Michelle!
I think there is some kind of grand design - some kind of order, if you will - to our lives. I've always believed that when you're headed in the right direction and making the right choices, things somehow feel... right. And when you're not, when you're fighting against the path that is meant to be yours, they feel wrong, off-kilter, more difficult.

I also subscribe to the belief that one only regrets the things one DOESN'T do, not the things one DOES. So if a door opens in front of me, I tend to think I'm supposed to walk through it. And even if I'm afraid, I usually do.
I believe that there is more out there that is guiding our lives. Is it just fate? No. I think some things are predetermined but there are others who can change the outcomes. I see choice as being a large part of the grand scheme of things and I don't want to only rely on outside forces to have a say in what happens. I feel we also have to own our own lives and we must prepare to walk the path that we build and when the fork in the road is placed in front of us, we must be determined to make the best decision for ourselves.
I'm still mulling over this question, but it's difficult. I keep having flashbacks to Greek and Roman Literature lectures, and my essay on the role of fate/pre-destination and prophecy in Oedipus Rex.

Basically what I said then was that the outcome was pre-destined (kill father, marry mother) but as to how Oedipus got there was his own choice (he murdered his father, not killed him in an accident a la other Greek figures).

All I learned from that is that I didn't like thinking about whether there is fate or not. To cut it short, I think I come more down on the side of "not believing", with a side of "open to possibility".
I agree with this! :)

Kami Garcia said:
I do believe in fate, but I also believe the choices we make affect our fate.
well.... as they say, God had a plan for us before we were brought to this world, or it is what we call fate. I believe that the choices that we make is going to lead us to our fate. : )
Hm, I do believe in fate but I don't think it's all that simple. I think of it as if you are a certain road, certain things will happen to you. If you choose to change that path then your own destiny will change. I do believe everything happens for some inexplicable reason. A person's place in the world, I feel, can only be seen by what a person does (thus fate turns blah blah blah) but mere coincidences shouldn't be looked into too much unless it is pretty shocking.

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