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When Henry died??
I did! I balled like a baby!
Poor poor henry!
I miss him! :(

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My roomate just finished the first book and she was really upset by Henry's "murder." I was shocked when I read that part and rather saddened. :-(
I did i cried sooooooooo much that the couch i was laying on was very wet
Yes. So much. It was a horrible moment for all three siblings. Even Alice, imo
exactly what i was gonna say!

Rose Mary Dawson said:
I never cry at movies or books, but I almost cried at this one. (My mom would cry. She cries at EVERYTHING!)
I knew he was going to die, but I didn't want him to so much. The only reason Michelle Zink had Henry killed, was because he was the only veil of protection that Lia had left & the prophecy needed Lia to have no veil before she can continue

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